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Under Sheeting Bedding Purpose

Vulcania Plastics extensive range of under sheet bedding also known as SABS green is used under concrete floors to prevent rising moisture’s that may occur. The SABS product range acts as a waterproofing membrane for all buildings.






SABS GREEN  is both high in quality and carries the SABS mark of approval.



  • Prevents contamination of concrete
  • Prevents efficiency loss of under-floor insulation
  • Specially formulated as a damp-proof membrane
  • Good puncture resistance
  • Good tear strength
  • Wide widths

Sizes available:

  • 1m x 30m x 250mic
  • 2m x 30m x 250mic
  • 3m x 30m x 250mic
  • 4m x 30m x 250mic
  • 6m x 30m x 250mic