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Tanking Membrane: Orange

Tanking Membrane is a system for damp-proofing and waterproofing rooms and structures below ground level. This highly impermeable plastic membrane acts as barrier to moisture, allowing you to have completely dry and fully versatile internal floor and wall surfaces and so make full use of cellars, basements or any other areas where dampness and moisture cause problems.

This membrane can be dry lined on walls, screeded, or finished with a dry board system on floors. Particularly suitable for floors in industrial buildings, as it will transfer loading through screed layers to the underlying concrete floor. Allows contaminated floors to be upgraded.

Sizes available:

  • 375um x 3 x 30m
  • 375um x 4 x 30m
  • 375um x 6 x 30m


  • 500um x 3 x 30m
  • 500um x 4 x 30m
  • 500um x 6 x 30m