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Durafoil Ultra single Foil

Durafoil Ultra Single Foil has  been developed specifically for use under roof tiles and is

certified under SANS 1381-4 Category D. The aluminium foil layer will not radiate or emit heat

down- wards.

Durafoil Ultra Single foil does not have foil on the section of the membrane which acts as the
overlap, this reduces the cost of the membrane as the section where the membrane overlaps
the layer underneath makes the foil surface ineffective as it needs an airspace to function
as an insulator.
Other than insulate the roof space the membrane will reduce draughts and dust penetration into the roof area. The membrane is also designed to prevent moisture from damp air from condensing
on the ceiling boards and other vulnerable points in the building fabric.
Most home loan institutions insist on the use of an undertile membrane where the roof
pitch is less than 26 degrees or more than 45 degrees and also in exposed coastal areas as the
membrane will prevent strong winds from ripping off roof tiles.