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Undertile Woven Membrane

UT Woven® is a new woven polypropylene membrane that
has been specially formulated for use under roof tiles. It is
380 (micrometer) in thickness and made in rolls of
1,5 x 30m. UT Woven® is dimensionally stable, light in
weight and weatherproof; handling and installation are
easy, and will seal around nails. It is used for the prevention
of draughts and dust penetration into roof spaces through
tiles, and prevents damage to ceilings, rotting of timbers
and corrosion of plumbing. Dust has also been known
to penetrate between cornices and walls, initiating or
aggravating allergies in susceptible people. The membrane
is also designed to prevent moisture from warm damp air
reaching and condensing on the ceiling boards and other
vulnerable points in the building fabric. UT Woven® also
prevents strong wind from lifting and ripping off roof tiles.
Most home loan institutions insist on the use of under-tile
membrane where the roof pitch is less than 26 degrees or
more than 45 degrees and in exposed coastal areas