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Durafoil Insububble


Durafoil Insububble is a four layer laminate consisting of

1) the foil layer for reflective isolation

2) a laminating layer

3) the spunbond layer for stability, strength and thermal isolation and

4) the polyethylene bubble layer for additional insulation.

The product is aesthetically pleasing and attractive when applied under metal roofs.

Insububble can be used under domestic or industrial roofs. It is flame retardant, tested in terms

of SANS 10177 the product has been classified as class B/BI/2/H which means it has a

superior flame retardancy and can be used in any industrial structure with a B1 rating with

sprinklers. The product has been tested with sprinklers. Insububble has a strong tear resistance and will not expand when in contact with changing roof temperatures as in the case with other bubble type insulation membranes which consist mainly of polyethylene layers.

Insububble is dimensionally stable and easy to work with.CIMG1291